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A whole new world of content will open up to you with your broadband connection. And with Exede, you get an "always on" connection which means no dialing-in to get high-speed access to the Internet.

Goodbye, Dial-Up. Hello, Fast Satellite Internet.


Today’s websites feature more graphics, pictures, video and advanced functionality than ever. All these features, while they may look cool, only slow down your Internet viewing. It’s just too much data for one telephone line to handle. Simply put… dial-up is yesterday’s technology. Satellite Internet is a much faster experience. Here’s a quick comparison of dial-up versus high speed satellite Internet.


  • Available virtually anywhere
  • Fast Download Speeds
      (up to 12 Mbps)
  • Fast Upload Speeds
      (up to 3 Mbps)
  • Always-on connection to the internet
  • No software to load
  • Dedicated connection/instant access (no logging in/out)
  • Professional installation included
  • No phone line needed

Exede byViaSat


No phone line needed!

A high speed satellite Internet connection is “always on” and does not require a phone line. This means you won’t have to wait to log on; you won’t get bumped off the Internet unexpectedly because of the phone; and, you won’t have to worry about your friends and family getting a busy signal when they call. With high speed satellite Internet, you can talk on the phone and be on the Internet at the same time. If you have a second phone line you’ve been using just for your dial-up Internet connection, now you can cancel it!

High speed Internet that you’ll love.

As a rural resident, you shouldn’t have to settle on your Internet experience. Say goodbye to dial up and say hello to fast satellite Internet. Start sending and receiving email attachments with ease. Listen to music online. Do your gift shopping without leaving your home. See how much better your Internet experience can be with a high speed satellite Internet connection.

Rural residents don’t need to settle on dial-up anymore. Exede offers high speed satellite Internet to rural areas—even the most remote areas—in 48 states. Check out our satellite Internet packages and current satellite Internet offers.

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